25 years of ingenit - a retrospective

In 1997, a lot happened in the world: the first cloned sheep, Dolly, was presented, Jan Ullrich became the first German who won the Tour de France, and J.K. Rowling published her novel "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" for the first time.

Thomas Klute was 21 years old at the time, studied computer science at the University of Dortmund (today: TU Dortmund) and worked at the Department of Computer Science. Together with his fellow student, he founded a company under civil law for domain registrations, thus laying the foundation of today's ingenit GmbH & Co. KG. Looking back, it is not surprising, since DENIC, the registry for .de domains, was operated by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Dortmund until 1993. Before founding the company, the two founders gathered a lot of knowledge and experience in the field in order to be able to offer domain registrations. The success proves them right: The first office space is rented in the neighboring TechnologieZentrumDortmund (TZDO) and after some time with Marc-Christian Schröer, Jens Meyer and Christian Kaltepoth are the first employees hired.

25 years later, Thomas Klute and Marc-Christian Schröer jointly run the company as business owners and managers, Jens Meyer is responsible for domain management and Christian Kaltepoth is in charge of software development. In the meantime, an office space has become a separate office wing in the TZDO with access control. The number of employees as well as the number of customers has grown accordingly and the range of services has been steadily expanded. In the last 25 years we were able to convince many well-known companies of us and our service. Due to their trust and the always cooperative exchange we are today where we are and we thank especially our team for the excellent services, the untiring commitment and the friendly cohesion.

Today, ingenit GmbH & Co. KG is an expert in global domain management for SMEs, the public sector and corporations as well as a trusted partner for the development of individual business software with a focus on web-based information systems.

We are grateful for the positive developments and look forward to the years to come. We have published a detailed overview of important milestones in the company's history on our website.


Catrin Unrath
Senior Marketing Manager

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