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25 years of ingenit - a retrospective

Happy Birthday - to us. ingenit is now a quarter of a century old. 25 years that we can look back on with pride.

ingenit awards fourth scholarship

Unfortunately, the shortage of skilled workers has long been a daily occurrence in the IT sector.

ingenit and CoVid-19

In the current situation, the health of our employees and a socially responsible approach are top priorities for us. And so we too will do everything…

Successful launch of ingenit Access - the exclusive Internet connection

For a few weeks now, companies based in the TechnologieZentrumDortmund (TZDO) with its different locations (currently: TZ, BMZ I, BMZ II, MST, ZfP)…

JavaLand 2019 is coming back to "Phantasialand"

From March 19th to 21st, 2019, the well-known Java Conference will take place in Brühl near Cologne again this year.

ingenit awards a scholarship in the amount of 1.000,- Euro

This year again computer science students have the chance to be supported by us within the framework of the "Dortmunder Modell…

ingenit wins BSI tender

The Dortmund-based company continues to operate the registration and DNS service for De-Mail.

The new website of is online

The website was redesigned and published last week.

Best sunny weather for the company outing

The majority of the ingenit team spends almost as much time with colleagues as with their own family. That is why we attach great importance to the…

ingenit again supports student

The scholarship holder comes back from the TU Dortmund.


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