ingenit wins BSI tender

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) with headquarters in Bonn is Germany's national cyber security authority. It ensures information security in digitization, is the neutral and independent contact for questions on IT security and is primarily responsible for the De-Mail service.

De-Mail is the infrastructure for secure communication and was created for the simple, binding and confidential transmission of electronic documents and messages. In contrast to conventional e-mails, De-Mail allows the sender and addressee to be clearly identified and not falsified. Furthermore, the messages are transmitted exclusively via encrypted channels and stored in encrypted form. At no time third parties can gain access and read or modify the messages. Many municipalities, cities, federal offices, ministries, banks, insurance companies and many other authorities and companies in Germany already use De-Mail for secure communication with their customers.

A dedicated, centrally operated server is required to operate the De-Mail infrastructure. It manages the subdomains of and some other domains that are used exclusively for this infrastructure. This operation has now been reassigned by the BSI with the following requirements:

  • Provision of a test environment
  • Transfer of the database from the previous provider
  • Operation of subdomain registry and DNS service including DNS management software and provider interface
  • support

We are pleased that this tender has been decided for us. Finally, since the company was founded in 1997, we have been developing individual business software with a focus on web-based information systems and have been active in the domain sector for just as long. In addition, we have already participated in several projects such as the DNSSEC Testbed for Germany from BSI. And last but not least, we have been operating the infrastructure for De-Mail since the service was introduced in 2011.

With our experienced team we have already successfully completed many exciting projects: For our customers, we have implemented various solutions with a wide range of requirements, from pricing solutions for quick and uncomplicated market adjustments to internal employee evaluations for the HR department and a precise quotation tool for websites.

Our experience in the domain field also goes back a long way: We have seen how the administration of the German top-level domain .de changed from the TU Dortmund (at that time still University of Dortmund) to DENIC eG in Frankfurt or were able to successfully register many domain names for our customers during the introduction of the then new domain We have always expanded our range of available domain extensions for <link https: typo3 _blank>, maintain relationships with various registries worldwide and work primarily as domain managers for our customers from the public sector and business. Over the last 20 years we have been able to effectively implement your requirements for complex domain management, so that all technical settings of a domain can be implemented for various possible uses.

We thank the BSI for the trust they have placed in us and will soon start developing the desired test environment. All modernization and further development measures will be completed by the end of the year, so that the changeover to the new environment can take place at the beginning of 2019.


Catrin Unrath
Senior Marketing Manager

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