ingenit and CoVid-19

In the current situation, the health of our employees and a socially responsible approach are top priorities for us. And so we too will do everything possible to "avoid unnecessary social contacts".

We are in the fortunate position of being able to send almost all of our employees to their home office, redirect telephone numbers and process almost all procedures from home. We will do the same tomorrow.

Of course we are still there for you! In the next few weeks, all our employees will be available for you in the home office as usual by telephone, e-mail or chat. Also, employees on site in the offices and hosting locations will be able to provide quick help in case of a problem.

The further development of software projects, the maintenance of your installations and the adherence to service level agreements are also guaranteed. 

We wish you and us all the best for these turbulent times! Stay healthy.


Catrin Unrath
Senior Marketing Manager

[email protected]

Phone: +49 231 / 58 698 120
Fax: +49 231 / 58 698 121