Wow - we are rated as a top company again

Our employees have largely all come into the new year well and healthy. In the first days of January, the real and virtual office is now filling up and it is fun to tackle or plan new projects energetically and well rested.

A continuous project in our company is the recruitment of new employees and teammates. Usually we recruit these through personal networks, recommendations and through our job postings. In very few cases, we enlist the support of service providers. Regardless of how applicants approach us, we always notice the good research and preparation about our company in the direct interviews.

Similar to Google reviews, kununu - now a member of the Xing family - specializes in being an independent platform that matches employers with anonymous reviews from employees to improve the world of work. Employers can respond and turn criticism into real action for improvement. And most importantly, applicants have the opportunity here to gain initial insights into the company.

It makes us very proud that we are currently rated with 4.7 points, which is well above the IT industry average of 3.8 points. There are only 6 ratings, but with currently 20 employees and a very low fluctuation, this is an excellent rate. Kununu has even taken it as an opportunity to give us an award for this again after 2022: We are a Top Company 2023! By the way, the recommendation rate of (former) employees is 100%, it doesn't get any better than that. Thanks to kununu for the award and especially to our (former) employees for their honest reviews. If you are curious now, you can find our profile here.

P.S.: For the sake of better readability, we only formulate one gender, but explicitly address all genders and gender identities and do not exclude anyone.



Catrin Unrath
Senior Marketing Manager

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